Interactive Educational Assemblies

Scheduling for 2015-16
opens on April 20th!

Elevation Education − amazingly affordable, exciting and educational assembly experiences delivered right to your school!

Elevation Education programs use a unique blend of multisensory technology and live actors to deliver a reasonably-priced, entertaining and highly interactive program that will actively engage your entire school with important concepts in:

• Bullying-prevention
• Financial literacy
• STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

With different programs designed for all students in grades K-8, Elevation Education works with you to present the right learning experiences for your unique learners, and on a schedule that works for your particular school. Our “in-school field trips” align with state and national standards, and include comprehensive rubrics in each subject area.

Featured Programs

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Bully Cycle Snapshot

This program gives students the basic tenets of empathy and respect. It offers both teachers and students a common vocabu...
A Live Elevation Education Performance

Exciting, Multisensory Learning Experiences

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Elevation Education presentations add real context to your existing curricula, and offer a learning experience that students can’t get in the classroom.  At the same time, each program uses a unique Student Response System℠ that provides immediate feedback and data about the efficacy of the learning experience.

Additional funding resources may also be available to subsidize your in-school science assemblies.